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        How To Join

        At D. E. Shaw India, we value exceptional analytical skills, a comprehensive approach to problem solving, and an unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards. Joining our team means harnessing your full potential, amplifying your core strengths, and expanding your expertise.

        We invite you to explore your interests through our lateral- and campus-hiring initiatives.


        Career Development

        To ensure that our curious staff never stop growing, we foster a culture of continuous learning. We create customized programs to enrich technical abilities, build interpersonal and leadership skills, and broaden industry knowledge.

        Through hackathons and coding competitions, employees are encouraged to explore technology as a way to innovate and solve challenges related to our work. We also host an external speaker series, inviting leaders from various backgrounds to share insights and their expertise with our employees.

        We believe employees gain a greater breadth of experience by exploring new roles within the firm and encourage internal transfer opportunities.


        Work with Us

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        Interviewing is important to our hiring process. As we get to know you better, you’ll get the chance to know our firm better, too.

        Compelling candidates tend to:

        • Uphold high standards
        • Analyze rigorously
        • Communicate clearly and concisely
        • Thrive on collaboration
        • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity
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          Interviewing with Us:

        If you want to learn more about our approach to interviewing, our
        guide to preparing for an interview can help you put your best foot forward.

        A successful hiring process often includes an application review,
        a phone interview and virtual interviews, conversations with your references, and, finally, an offer. We may also ask you to provide a writing sample or code sample, and to complete a case study. Depending on the role, your process may differ slightly.

        The specifics of your interviews—the number of people you meet with, and for how long—depend on which role you’ve applied to, but we’ll be mindful of your time. If applying for more than one role, you should anticipate potentially interviewing with multiple groups of interviewers. Please let us know if you have any scheduling considerations, time constraints, or deadlines from other processes.

        Phone Interviews

        Find a quiet location with good reception. Please let your interviewer know if you’re having difficulty hearing them.

        Virtual Interviews

        Please be a few minutes early so you have time to settle in. Technical glitches can happen; we encourage you to test your setup ahead of time, but don’t hesitate to let your interviewer know if you’re having any difficulties connecting.

        Wear what makes you comfortable. We don’t have a dress code for interviewees (or employees).

        Tip: Consider having something nearby to take notes on during your conversations.



        We seek out extraordinary people from diverse backgrounds at the start of their careers from colleges across the country. Campus recruitment fuels the majority of our hiring in the Technology and Finance functions.

        Alongside our recruitment efforts, we partner with colleges to host hackathons and to sponsor external conferences and events.

        We’ve also designed an exceptional Summer Internship Program for talented and intellectually curious students to gain exposure to our business through hands-on work experience.



        Are you a finance enthusiast, a technology aficionado, or an intellectually curious individual eager to make your mark? Then you may be the right match for our internship program.


        colleges across the country


        weeks in length


        competitive pay


        The Work: Real Projects, Real Results

        As an intern, you’ll work with a team on complex projects that have direct impact on the firm’s business and processes.

        Examples of past projects include:

        • Building models to estimate volatility of performance for a given set of portfolios (Strategy Tech role)
        • Analyzing financial positions, expenses, and fund data, and applying valuation techniques to generate financial reports and enable better decision-making (Financial Operations role)
        • Applying Natural Language Processing techniques to analyze problems and identify potential system infrastructure improvements (Systems role)
        • Developing quantitative models to assess economic conditions, global interest rates, and exchange rates (Financial Research role)

        The Social Calendar: Build Your Network